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A truck load of BSOD with RIVE Mobo!

December 8, 2012 5:26:47 AM

This has been happening quite regularly and its really starting to annoy the crap out of me. I believe it could be due to the my raid0 that i have on 2x 500gb HDD's.. I just finished doing my first water cooling loop too (which looks great) but unfortunately im its been out shun by these pesky blue screen's popping up at random intervals. Now i believe the Istora.sys driver is something to do with the Raid Array? It happens either on desktop (not often as the rest) More so during gaming or watching YouTube. All drivers are up to date (as far as i know) And i have the latest RIVE BIOS v3204

I attached a screenshot, but if you need the .txt files i have included them in the link below.

System Specs are as follows:

3930k @ 4.5ghz (also reverted back to stock clocks to rule it out to no avail)
2133mhz Ram (also dropped it back to 1866mhz + tried one stick at a time to no avail)