Which build best suits?

so I'm building a new rig on a shaky budget; where I want the best bang and longevity for my money. I have a couple of configurations I've been working on and I would like to hear your opinion about which route I should take.

I am an avid gamer where I enjoy pushing games to the max and sometimes toy around with a little oveclocking, browse the internet and multitask with approximetly 3 or 4 programs running, also I have UDK and other developer software that I want to delve into to see if it's an avenue where I can successfully express artistic creations in gaming.

My setup runs on typically on two monitors, and a 46" or my 55" (3d) Tv's on vacation days.

Here's what I have together, which option do you think is best, and please offer your suggestions

GTX570 w/ i5 2500K - $560

GTX 570 w/ i7 2600k - $660

GTX 580 w/ i5 2500k - $700

GTX 580 w/ i7 2600k - $800

Im mainly focusing on EVGEA GPU's and am torn between which MOBO to get. I have a couple of ASROCKs, one at $170 and the other at $250. Where Im also looking at ASUS MOBO's, the z68PRO or their maximus $260.

One other question is will my power supply push the implied setup? I have a corsair 750w http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006

l look forward to your comments

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  1. you cant work out the answer for yourself?
  2. i like GTX570 w/ i5 2500K - $560 ....if you running a 60hz monitor...SLI if you got 120hz.
  3. Well, the $800 option is obviously the best all around. I think the $700 build is going to max out games just as well though.
  4. Outlander_04 said:
    you cant work out the answer for yourself?

    the thing is I know the 570 and i5 would work well on my 22", but Im not sure how smooth it would run on my 55" 120 hrz
  5. also would a 750 watt psu suffice?
  6. resolution is important , not screen size .

    if it runs smoothly on a 60 hz monitor it will also be smooth on the 120 hz screen
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