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Everyone keeps saying build your own PC, so I figured I would give it a shot. I don't know a lot about it but I have read some. What I need to know is there a computer that I don't have to build out there in the $600-700 range? If not can someone help me put together a computer that will run WoW. Which is the only game I play efficiently. Thanks here is my idea.
(is the built in power supply enough?)

I know I am missing a graphics card I figured you guys could help? and I am not sure about the Ram. Like I said I don't know alot and this build could be bad enough that if would catch on fire as soon as i put the pieces together :) any input is appreciated.
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  1. bad, bad psu in those cases. I wouldn't trust either for a second. I'll suggest getting a Xigmatek Asgard II case and a Corsair CX500 500W PSU instead.

    you should be able to run WOW just fine with that CPU.

    I'd suggest paying an extra $1.00 for get a 2x2GB kit, dual channel will see a 5% increase.

    For GPU, I'd suggest a HD 6870 or GTX 560, both run about $180 +/- $5
  2. I second that whole-heartedly. I wouldn't trust a case with a built-in PSU for a second.

    What's your overall budget? I could probably piece together a build or two together that would suit your needs.
  3. MAx $700. I know it is cheap but I don't need a top of the line cpu just something that runs wow efficiently
  4. $700 should get you something like;

    i5-2400 3.1 GHZ: $190
    AS Rock H61M/U3S3: $70
    8 GB DDR3-1333: $42
    1 TB HDD: $130
    HIS HD 6850: $145
    Corsair CX 500: $55
    Rosewill Challenger case: $50
    DVD burner: $17

  5. hehe 1Tb HDD - 130 ...
    yeah if u can I would wait on HDD until Taiwan rebuilds ... otherwise Screwy's kind of build is ur best bet
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