Help me configure windows 7 homegroup between PC&laptop

I've been trying to figure this out for ages !!
I have a pc with windows 7 connected to my router "Billion"
And I have a laptop with windows 7 too, connected to the router wireless network ..

But when I tired to join the Homegroup from my laptop it says loading...for about a minuet then it says unable to connect to the homegroup network.

I tried the IPV6 thing ..and the network discovery thing....and windows homegroup troubleshooting on both computers
But nothing seems to change ...

PS: in windows explorer under the "network" as shown in this picture my laptop appears form my pc and vice versa...

So Please Help me out !!!
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  1. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help me !!
  2. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help me !!
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