GTX560 SSC DS Stock Fan speed and temps

Ok so i have a GTX560 SSC DS and ever since i got it. I have using Afterburner to control the fan speeds and im just wondering if like EVGA guarantee that the card will run fine on stock fan speeds.
Im curious i dont want my card to break but im sick of the loud fans that are on the card.
Im also curious of what the AVG temp is for one of these GTX560 SSC DS after running furmark with stock fan speeds.
Does it hurt the life span of the card running at high temps.
Last but not least what the max temp of this card?

Sorry for all the Q's im just really want to know. Any help would be great.
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  1. 70-80 under full load is fine, 85-90 a bit to much, 100 is max but absolutely not recomendeble.
  2. Maybe if you have room for it place an extra fan on your case, blowing cold air in.
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