Cpu cooler for Intel dz68bc mobo

Anyone else got this mobo? This is a new build for me and I am trying to find out what cpu cooler (air) that I can put in it. Using a I5 2500k cpu. I want to use the EVGA Supercooler but not sure if it will fit? Any advice please?
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  1. It will mostly depend on your case, not the mobo, provided that the cooler supports LGA 1155/6
  2. well, i have the Thermaltake level 10 gt case. Pretty sure there is plenty of room in it.. I just hate to buy the EVGA Superclock cpu cooler and then it not fit on my mobo. I cant seem to find any vids on you tube or info on the intel website regarding the specs as to what cpu cooler will fit...
  3. According to online sources, it fits LGA 1156 so that means it will fit LGA 1155 as well. That's all you need to know. So you should have no problems.
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