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i know i have posted a speaker issue in the mobo section, but the reason for that is that i have read many threads on this forum and others which lead me into believing that the problem is with the motherboard/cabbie.

so the problem is that whenever i turn on/off a light or when my AC or fridge compressor turns on or there is any type of voltage fluctuation, my speaker gives out a popping static noise which is mega irritating.

By reading the following threads/links

and my own experimentation i believe that the problem is with the grounding issues of my computer.
so far what i have done is:

tried my speaker with my laptop and phone, works without static.
disconnected the speakers from the pc, doesnt cause static.
turned off pc but speakers still connected, giving out static.
taken pc off the power but speakers still connected to the pc and power, no static.
connected a different speaker set to the pc, no static.
enabled my hdmi audio from the monitor, no static from monitor speakers, still static from normal speakers.
enabled hdmi audio from the monitor and connected the speakers to the headphone jack of the monitor, audio coming from normal speakers but still static.

so basically i get static from the my normal speakers only when it is connected to the computer and the computer is connected to a power source whether or not the computer is turned on.

So what should i do.
if i havent been clear in what my problem is please ask me for more information.
thanx in advance.
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  1. OK, i did one more test.
    just touched my speaker jack to the cabbie, i didnt put it in the audio port, just connected it to the body of the cabbie and i still got static when light flickered.
    so it is a cabbie problem. i guess it IS a grounding issue.
    any idea what it could be and how to diagnose and solve it?
  2. 50 views but no replies, nice community.
  3. Kinda having the same issue you are having, but not with the speakers, with getting allot of views on my post and no comments.

    Not sure if this might help but, I have a boss ipod sound system that I modified to use with my computer and I have always been experiencing some sort of static until one day while playing with it I found out that if I connect the ground wire of the part that plugs into the computer to another grounded region in the speaker system then the static goes away..

    so my guess is maybe the system has an unusual noise levil that's affecting normal audio but if you can get your speaker system more gounded in itself then it might go away!
  4. thanx for replying, i havent found a solution yet.
    m sure the problem is with the ground of my pc but havent been able to fix it, have tried many diagnostic measures but still no deal.

    will post back if i do find a solution. clearly TH community sucks.
  5. It probably is a grounding issue. Does the speaker give off static from all audio ports? By that I mean from both the posits on back panel and front panel? Touch the computer case, does that alter(increase or decrease) the static?
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