[Socket 1155] Best Chipset?

I'm building a new pc for a friend.
He is going to have a Core i7 3770K and an SSD and at least 8GB of RAM.
We want to benefit from SSD, RAM as most as possible and we would like to have UEFI bios if possible.
The available chipsets for socket 1155 are: H55 H61 H67 P67 Z68 Β75 Ζ77 Η77
What are the differences between them?
Is there any link which compares the features of each chipset?
Which do you think is the best to have?
Which support Quad Channel?
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  1. z77 if you want to overclock. If not, don't bother paying extra for a "k" cpu; the other chipset boards won't allow you to change the cpu multiplier. Prices vary due to features, number of ports, etc. Quad channel means if you buy four sticks, they should work together in 4 slots; none of the boards run in quad channel, just dual channel (in pairs).
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