Is my laptop getting to hot? Graphics Card?

I have a decent computer graphics card its a Dvidia GeforeGTX 260m.lately i have been playin games with no problems then about 5 mins later it gets really slow and laggs really bad for proly ten minutes straight then a little later goes away then goes to it again..Is my laptop getting to hot and my graphics card failing?? I have been running it hard..tomorrow ill shut it down for while and soon as i start it up ill playa game and see if it continues. Also one other thing if it helps i was playing a game other day and it exited and i gota msg a min later saying my graphics card failed but recooperated..Never seen it before..ITs only a year old Asus and its a good laptop.
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  1. This is caused by an antivirus and a fragmented disc 99% of the time.Turn off your anti virus completely and most importantly defrag your hard drive and see if the problem goes
  2. If that doesn't work, download latest drivers and make sure when you play, the ventilation openings on the bottom of the laptop aren't covered. ( maybe when it's on your lap or something ) ( i made that mistake once and it got really hot and shut down )
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