Is my laptop getting to hot? Graphics Card?

I have a decent laptop graphics card its a Dvidia GeforeGTX 260m.lately i have been playin games with no problems then about 5 mins later it gets really slow and laggs really bad for proly ten minutes straight then a little later goes away then goes to it again..Is my laptop getting to hot and my graphics card failing?? I have been running it hard..tomorrow ill shut it down for while and soon as i start it up ill playa game and see if it continues. I downloaded a FPS program and when this occurs my FPS drops really low..
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  1. hmm Sounds like bad internal fan ventilation checkout cooler is working or not, If u able to dessemble lappy apply cooling past ovar gpu,mostly it gets dry ovar long period.
  2. Blast the vents with compressed air and if no improvement see if there is any warranty if none at all then disassemble the laptop. Then clean off the old compound and replace it with fresh compound but if you have acted to late then it might not help much.
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