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So this is my first build and I was looking to spend around $1,500 on it.

Antec Twelve Hundred V3

Intel Core i5-2500K

CPU Cooler:
ZALMAN 135mm

EVGA GTX 580 1.5 gb

KINGWIN Modular 1000W

CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600

ASUS P8P67 DELUXE (REV 3.0) LGA 1155 Intel P67

SAMSUNG Spinpoint 500GB 7200 RPM

If anyone can see anything glaringly wrong with my build and would like to point it out I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. I think the power supply is more than enough. You could probably save some money going with a 750 or 850 watt unit instead unless you have plans to SLI down the road.

    The antec 1200 cases has had very few innovations since the first one came out years ago.
    I would recommend the Cooler Master Trooper which was released last month:
    The trooper looks absolutely awesome, it is a full size case, and it also has a handle on it for easy transportation.

    Maybe able to trim some more money going with a EVGA GTX 570 also as the performance is no that far off from the GTX 580.

    The cooler master 212 EVO would be a good cooler to consider also and is about $25 less than the Zalman.

    But, no...nothing glaringly wrong.
  2. I was considering getting another 580 for SLI, 6 months from now to insure that it can still max out games for awhile, if I wanted to do that would the 1000W PSU be sufficient?
  3. Well, it is always better to have too much than not enough. Per EVGA's website a single GTX 580 requires a 600 Watt Power Supply. However I can not find any listing for the SLI power requirement. I would guess it would be in the neighborhood of 700 to 750 watts. But I would get at least an additional 100 Watts on top of that just to error on the safe side.

    However a machine of that caliber is a little outside of my expertise as I have never built something that ambitious. It would be better to take advice from someone on the forums who has a rig of that build. Or just play it super safe and go with 1000 Watt PSU.

    Also you may want to check PSUs from Corsair and Antec. I think they would probably have a higher level of quality than Kingwin.

    Slightly off the subject...

    Hey, did you see the EVGA's new banner page? They just came out with the GTX 560ti 2WIN. Basically two GTX 560Tis SLI'd on a single card.

    30% faster than a GTX 580
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