HAF X Airduct Disappointment

Hey there guys,

i5 2500k
EVGA GTX 580 1.5gb
CM Silent Pro 1000w
ASUS P8Z68-V Pro
Hyper 212 Evo
8gb G.skill

Just recently installed a 120mm sickleflo fan inside the air duct for my computer inside the HAF X case. I ran into the problem that since is my GFX card is using the first PCI slot at x16, it does not seem to fit "inside" the airduct. Anyone with this case should know what it is I'm talking about -- basically a plastic duct that fits a 120mm fan that is supposed to surround the video cards. Unfortunately, the first PCI-e slot is above the highest-most notch the airduct can fit.

I decided to install the duct anyway directly under it, wondering if the extra fan would make any difference at all in the temps. Unfortunately, once again, there seems to be little to no difference at all. A part of me is wondering if my average temp has actually increased by about a single degree or so. It was a pain to put it in because of the fit issues, and now I am questioning if I should take it out because it might be actually doing more harm than good by blocking the stock front fan's airflow.

Has anyone run into similar results after using the HAF X optional airduct?

Thanks guys.


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  1. Did you mount a 120mm fan sans the air duct.
    I have 2 cases with hdd cage mounted 120mm fans and it cools the gpu's fine 1-3C temp drop.
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