HP Tm2t Touchscreen connector damaged

The touchscreen of my new laptop (HP touchsmart tm2t) started creating problems since the very first day,i received it.
After doing a thorough research,i found that this is a common prob in this model. I found 2 great threads regarding the solution of this very same issue.



So i followed the steps and found that the connector is of very poor quality. I tried to reconnect it and since then,there is no 'USB error' as it was appearing before. But my touchscreen still not working.
I contacted HP support but as usual,they were of no use.

Thus,i simply want to change that connector bcoz after seeing it,i understood easily that its not working at all as its damaged.

So i request someone to please guide me where to buy this kind of connector from. I would buy it and replace it,just i don't know where to buy it from.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

PS: I am sorry that i started this thread under 'Graphic cards'.Just i didn't know which one would be a better category.
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  1. Just have to update that i bought a new touchscreen cable from Ebay and replaced the one just now. Now its working great. HP support sucks. They wanted me to restore factory settings.

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