Startup Fans Problem That May Occur In New Build?

Yeah,In The Past We Did not Have Software Based Fan Controlling But Now Will It Influence The Speed On First Boot After Building The PC? Or Do You Have To Get To The Software To Set The Speeds And It Won't Set The Speed On First Boot To Install Windows,Drivers,Setting Up The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).
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    When you first install a new motherboard, normally the post screen will tell you to press an "f" key to enter the bios. You may find a hardware management section with a setting such as "smartfan". If you do, you can calibrate the fan and set it to auto but I use "quiet" if it's available. If you prefer lower temps, don't use the quiet setting. You can also check and change the boot order, then save and exit. Some oem boards by dell or hp won't come with a fan setting control in the bios, but they tend to run fairly quiet at the default setting. If you don't like it, you can install one of these manual fan controllers:
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