"Need a new card" post once again..!!

Need a new graphics card, was so far using integrated graphics (Radeon 4250). Needless to say, based on my config below, I will mostly have to do with AMD/ATI offerings.


CPU - AMD Phenom II X3 740, unlocked to X4 40 and stable

Games - Mostly Dirt3, but I am new to the gaming scene and am sure will graduate to higher things, for the bug has surely bit me..!!

Resolution - 1920x1024

Price - 100 to 120 %, AR/AC and all that

Thanks for any help.
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  1. What is the name / model of your psu ?
  2. 450 GTS, but if you can get one, go with a 460 GTX,, much faster,, but I don't know the pricing on it.
  3. you can go for a 5750, 5770,6770,gt440,gtx260,gts250 and a few more models .
    As the days go by, you'll see a few more models with better power coming into your price bracket.
    You need to check the PSU that you have for the power it can supply the GPU.....
    I think the limiting factor that you failed to mention here is the power supply....

    The GTX 460 will fall out of his budget by quite a bit..... plus he'll need a good 450Watt plus PSU to handle it....
  4. ya, i know the 460 is most likely out of budget range and the psu is a big factor, that's why i said 450 first :)

    the 450 may not be quite as fast as the 260,, but it's still a pretty good card
  5. with a setup like that i dont think it would hurt if u spend and additional $20 on a really good card u prolly dont need to change anytime soon. the MSI R5770 Hawk Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support is a good ati card with great performance and since u were looking in the ati region for cards... get this and worry no more
  6. I would save another 15 dollars or so aim for a 6850 or so, 5770/6770 will do Im just not happy with mine @ your resolution, mind you it does it just not to the level I wanted
  7. Hi all

    Sorry for not mentioning my power supply. It is a 600W PSU, called OCZ StealthXstream II OCZ600SXS2.

    Thanks for all the replies.
  8. you won't have an issue with a 460 if you want (or 560 -- but that's double outside your budget :) 0)
  9. Your PSU is fine, you won't need to do anything to it even if you got the 460GTX.:)
    Go for one, if you get a good price bargain, it'll be worth the extra few dollars you put in.
    If not, go for the AMD HD Series for entry levels the HD5770 will work very well at your resolutions but if you want to go higher than than just check a few comparison charts between the different HD models from AMD since they released quite a bunch of them and in a very short span of time.
    Bring the choice of cards down to 2 and we'll help you decide.
  10. Were are you buying from btw ?
  11. that gigabyte card is very similar to my card,, i have the 460 768 model that has more shaders but smaller memory bandwidth,, at lower resolutions the 768 is faster than the SE, but higher resolutions it is a tiny bit slower due to not having 1GB and fully bandwidth the SE has, but almost imperceivable - both these cards can game at 1080p pretty decently too.
  12. Also,, forgot to mention - Gigabyte is super quiet, it is a low woosh noise the fans make and never really noticeable at all.
  13. Ive tried to argue for the SE over the 768 but it seems that it really wont ever be as good as the 768 model even at 1080
  14. high resolution == greater than 1080p == monitors with that resolution that won't ever be hooked up to a 460 SE,, but you get what you pay for and is why the SE is cheaper than the 768 and will be closer to the budget.
  15. 1080 is high resolution that is why 1080P is called high def.
  16. i mean the high resolution monitors, usually 27 inch + that have 2560x1440 resolution,, that's why i said that i meant higher than 1080p - these monitors are not typically hooked up to a cheap card as it is akin to putting on 22 inch rims on a caravan,, you can do it, but why? you save the 22's for a more expensive vehicle.
  17. So, from the replies here, I get the impression that Nvidia cards are as good for an AMD setup as Radeon/ATI cards are going to be. Is that right?. Because that would be even better for me. I run a Linux dual-boot, and AFAIK NVIDIA drivers are more mature and well-developed for Linux compared to ATI's.

    Also, I thinking of making the purchase from newegg.com. Or maybe Tigerdirect.
  18. doesn't matter the CPU/GPU combination, they will work as well as the overall setup,, AMD CPUs don't tend to push a GPU to its limits as much as a Intel CPU,, but the overall GPU does not matter what it is linked with.

    you are correct with Linux as Nvidia released opensource drivers a long time ago and AMD just recently started and previously it was up to the linux community to write the drivers for AMD
  19. And they say i'm weird . . .
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