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Hi, my problem is this, my PC will not start, does not show video, motherboard LEDs light indicating it's okay, because when I turn all the fans start to run, but there is no sound or video. I hope you can help me.

Motherboard: Asus Formula V
Video Card: MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk
Processor: AMD FX-8150
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (4x4GB)
Power: 700W Cooler Master
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  1. Check if the gpu is plugged in carefully. Check its power and if its in the slot. Then check the cables.
  2. I already checked this connection's: The GPU, the power source and the memory. Everything is conected following the manuals.
  3. If your 100% everything is plugged in properly than maybe your gpu is dead. You should get an rma.
  4. I will try to test it in other PC. But assuming that's not the GPU. What could it be?
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    notice your CPU is a bulldozer, some older motherboard need a firmware update to be compatible.
  6. I would say the RAM DIMM configuration. Make sure they are in the right slots per the motherboard's manual. Also make sure you have the 4pin / 8pin molex power connector plugged in on the motherboard.

    I would think all of your hardware is good. It is pretty rare for someone to receive faulty hardware.
  7. I check that the bulldozer is compatible with the motherboard. I connected the 8 pin cable, I connect the memory according to the manual of the motherboard. I have tried everything but I can not determine what might be happening.
  8. compatible on the software side as well as hardware? as i said it may need a software update if it is made before bulldozer support was added.

    otherwise try start with minimal amount of hardware. ie 1 ram stick, 1hdd ect, remove all the unnecessary stuff.
  9. The problem was the version of bios. Now I have another question, the memories are of 1866 MHz but the bios shows 1333 MHz, when I change it to 1866 will not start.
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