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Just happened now while watching the Colts-Jets game (go for the upset Jets!) and noticed the quick reply option has the text box at the bottom of the thread, but no 'submit' button, so effectively removing the option. Now you must use 'Add a reply' instead.

Not a big deal, but annoying with the slow to loading forum to reload another page. :pfff:

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  1. I think it has something to do with the Mod's screen versus the standard user. I'm using the quick reply function now.

    Also... Go Colts!!! (of course I just live 1-1/2 hours away from Indy & the Jets beat my Bengals :( )
  2. Nope, mines been fine
  3. Ok, after your replies found out for me it's showing up as WHITE on a WHITE background WTF !!

    Using FF which is usually more compatible, but for whatever reason the colour scheme is messed up.

    Oh well, I'll just hover until the Java pop-up shows in the script bar.

    And a little sick of the Colts and the Jets really, and the Favre post-retirement show, kinda hoping for the Saints to take it all.
  4. IE here, no problems.
    And, no waaaay, Colts scored!!!
    But mainly, go Vikes, too many connections to Minny soda there, and besides, theyve always been my team
  5. On my Firefox it shows up the correct red (just used it to post this message).
  6. Shows up fine here.
  7. Shows fine for me too. Could very well be some temporary java fudgery.
  8. *looks at jpishgar's title*

    My eyes, my beautiful eyes, they are burning!!!

    Don't know about quick reply buttons but goddamn that is one bright, funky green colour you got there.
  9. Yeah it's fine here at work, so looks like it's a problem with the latest FF beta for me for whatever reason (I blame NAFTA !!). :??:
  10. I agree with SS, that title colour just doesn't work at all. It needs to be a much darker green... or not green.
  11. Hi... new to the forum.... I am trying to "ask the community" a question, but there doesn't seem to be a "submit" button.

    Am I missing it?
  12. rcs99rcs said:
    Hi... new to the forum.... I am trying to "ask the community" a question, but there doesn't seem to be a "submit" button.

    Am I missing it?

    I just looked at the form, and the submit button is a large red button below the bottom right corner of the text frame, to the right of a preview button of the same size and style.
  13. i wish it was visible to me... there is no 'preview' button either....

    i only see "submit" in Quick Reply... not in "add a reply" or "ask community"...

    i'd make an image of what i do/don't see to post it - but i wouldn't be able to submit it... could you make an screen-shot of what you see?

  14. What browser are you using?

    Try clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen, to highlight it. If the submit button is just hidden to you, that should show it.
  15. hi... using IE 6.0...

    tried the highlight/drag.... unfortunately, nothing (still)
  16. When I hold my mouse over the button, it changes into the 'hand' cursor. If it doesn't do that, there must be some real issue, as in it's not there at all, not just invisible. One suggestion. If you have noscript, you might temporarily allow tomshardware. Noscript often breaks buttons.
  17. Sorry, missed the ie6. Try firefox - it's awesome :) And IE6 is seriously vulnerable.
    Also, I seem to remember something about this site being optimized for firefox.
  18. Yes, IE doesn't render the site as well as some other browsers, like Firefox.
  19. ok.. thanks... i'll see what i can do
  20. If you do get firefox, you owe it to yourself to install the adblock plus plugin. It will strip out all the annoying adds on this site.
  21. Elel, and how do you think this site makes money?
    Only block the ads if they are slowing the page load, otherwise you're not helping the site.

    BTW, Firefox doesn't always work better, see the original post.

    Chrome is becoming more and more attractive all the time.
  22. Well, why look at them when I never click on them anyway? I guess I could allow a couple, but some of the adds they find are extremely annoying. But seriously, I could probably count on my fingers the number of times I have purposely clicked on an in-site add. Except for their price-grabber engine. Thats pretty nice, I hope they get add revenue from it, and it's not blocked by add-block.
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