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I've 2.1 creative speakers and I was trying to connect with my SONY LED. Now the TV has only RCA as input and Speakers has 3.5 MM wire. I was thinking if I can convert 3.5 MM to RCA through a converter and connect it with my TV... Can anyone please help me with this. At present I've connected my speakers with Laptop and connected my laptop with TV through HDMI cable. Please advise.
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  1. "Now the TV has only RCA as input and Speakers has 3.5 MM wire"
    If you had RCA Outputs that would be possible using a converter...
    You can't possibly think you can connect Speakers to Audio Input connectors....
    The Sony LED TV is bound to have a headphones out on it. Plug that 3.5mm Speaker pin into the headphones jack in the TV.

    A better option would be to use the HDMI audio itself. In the Windows Soundbar, you just need to select the HDMI Audio Device as the default Audio output device when you're using the Laptop with the tele, otherwise you could switch back to normal.
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