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Fan xpert 2 settings/ getting fan warning alert

December 8, 2012 3:55:14 PM

New F285V-Pro with CM Hyper 212+ in Rosewill Blackbone case. Rear case fan is 4-pin. Front is 3-pin, but not yet connected. Case still open - no sides.

Since cpu fan as initially installed was louder than I wanted, tried auto configure with Fan Xpert 2. Cpu fan significantly quieter now, but getting 541 rpm alert for rear fan. Graph shows dots at 56%/40c, 62%/60c, and 100%,75c. Monitor shows cpu & mb at 30c and back fan at 517 rpm. Thinking that alert is because temp is lower than graph threshold and that I need to just move the dot across to a lower temp, but this is first time using any fan control software, so...