Installed RAM the WRONG WAY zzz.

So i was cleaning my system out put everything out and cleaned everything and put back everything to its places.

Booted my computer for like 8-10 times and fails (Twice boot @first it boots and restarts) and realize that i put the RAM in the WRONG WAY and smell a bit of burned stuff.

So i put my RAM properly now and here i am its now WORKING THANK GOD!

I just wanted to know the possible damages done? on my silly fcking mistake.?

Any risk?....

I opened "DXDIAG"
It still shows i have 8GB RAM.
No sight of problems on speed of my computer its still the same.

6970 HD
ASUS p8z68-v-pro
corsair xms 8gb ram (x2)
1000w cooler master silent pro 80+ gold
*Just in case*
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  1. BUMP~ helfp :\
  2. Put it in....the wrong way?
    They have a notch to prevent this...
  3. Ya, you can't install modern RAM the wrong way really. The notch prevents it, it just doesn't fit.
  4. Don't bump - it's against the rules.

    As others have said, the notch prevents installing ram the wrong way.
  5. azathoth said:
    Put it in....the wrong way?
    They have a notch to prevent this...

    Exactly. You can't physically put them in the wrong way round - they aren't symmetrical :o
    But in any case, if it still works then obviously the damage done wasn't terminal.
  6. But i saw it on my own eyes...

    Or maybe it was just delicately installed... i dunno because i smelled a bit electricity like a new motherboard out of the box SCENT

    I dunno but when i properly installed my RAM my computer booted and finally get a signal out of my monitor.

    My question is are there any risk any damages done by this silly mistake?

    Anyways to check?

    My COMPUTer right now is running fine now i think?

    Been using this comp for (68 hrs)
    "3 days since i put my ram the wrong way."

    I'm being paranoid..
  7. If it's running there is no damage. If there was damage, it wouldn't run, the RAM chip would be dead, it wouldn't recognize the full 8GB, etc. How can there be damage if everything works fine?
  8. I'm just being paranoid you know everyone at tomshardware loves their hardware.

    Thanks for your feedback getochkn.

    I'm still worried though xD
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