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I know I have started an earlier discussion and I hate to bring this up again. But can some one tell me a good set of specs that will run BF3. Crysis 2, and Skyrim at their highest settings, smoothly and flawlessly. To add on what is a good frame rate?
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  1. ive got a
    phenom2 965@3.4
    gigabyte 6850oc at 820core 134bandwidth
    8gb rip jaws 1600 7.cl ram
    momentus xt 500gbasusam3+board
    850watt ocz gold+80 powersupply
    asusdx1 sound card
    and on bf3 i get 55fps at 1900/1200 res on high settings.
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  3. After looking at 30 cards, here's the recommendation for BF3 Ultra Quality at 1920x1080 . . .

    580 with some stuttering during game play; 2x570:

    Read the article - it will help you decide.
  4. Yeah, a 580 really is needed to max BF3 at ultra.
  5. In the article 6950 CF seems to be better than 570 SLI:

    6950s are cheaper, too.
  6. When showing those charts and making a recommendation, you have an obligation to show the text immediately preceding the AMD chart:

    "The most frustrating part of putting this comparison together was spending a full day troubleshooting AMD’s multi-GPU issues. After swapping out power supplies, graphics cards, SSDs, fresh Windows installations, and motherboard slots, there was simply no rhyme or reason to the number of problems that prevented me from running a dual-GPU card or two single-GPU boards. Then came the idea to trade out memory kits, which actually ended up ameliorating some of my woes. Instead of crashing upon launching the game, CrossFire-based setups crashed when I changed settings at the end of the run or when I’d load up a level.

    After a long night of restarting Battlefield 3 after every resolution change, I finally had results for four different card combinations: two 6990s (quad-GPU, yay), 6970s, 6950s, and 6870s. "

    Personally, I wouldn't dare advise someone to make this kind of choice specifically for BF3 today without mentioning it.
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