Router/router connection vs router/adapter connection

I have my gaming comp upstairs hardwired into a cysco e3000 wireless router which is N capable. My wife has an el cheapo acer that is connecting to that router via G. Her acer is a pretty good distance away and the signal strength fluctuates from 1 to 3 bars.

If i were to get another wireless router, another e3000 (or vizio has a comparable router for half the price), the two routers could connect via N where i would hardwire my wifes acer into the second router.

would the two routers increase performance vs using an N adapter to the e3000? at least i would have a spare router if needed :)
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  1. yeah, the acer doesn't have a good signal where it is, so just looking to boost. i will check into the repeaters but the vizio router is only $60 bucks, just have to see the cost of the repeater..thanks
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