Pc keeps shutting down


My pc keeps switching off randomly. Sometimes I use it for days and nothing, other times I mereky switch it on and 5 minutes later it just switches off completely.

Once its off, I have to pull power completely before I can restart. I tried 3 different rams already and I still get the same.

Asus AM2-VM HDMI motherboard
2gb corsair ram
2gb kingston ram
2x1gb samsung ram
Amd 6000+ cpu
450watt psu
Ati Radeon 4350 graphics card

I checked the temps and everythings fine. Mb at 40 degrees, cpu at 47degrees and greaphic card at 50 degrees.

Please help
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  1. Sorry, I updated bios to the 5001 beta and running windows 7 ultimate with all the latest uodates
  2. have u tried a different psu?
  3. Jup, didnt solve the problem.
    I starteed from one side removing stuff, but obviously I cant see if it works since I need to be in windows to see if it shuts down.
    I also reinstalled windows already
  4. Hi

    Just an update here...

    I took out nearly everything, as I thought that's it's a power issue, and this did not work. I'm currently running only the Graphics Card(Ati Radeon 4650), 1x Sandisk 120GB SSD, 1x WD 500GB HDD and a wifi card(PCI). That's it... The computer still switches off randomly.

    I'm also keeping an eye on the temperatures and it seems my GPU clocked at 67 degrees the other day, but generally runs around 45-55 degrees.

    I can't seem to find the problem?
  5. what brand power supply are you using? also you noted you tried another power supply, what kind of psu is that as well?
  6. Hi

    Ive got a Isonic 490w psu and I tried a coller master 500w psu. I just bought a new cooler master extrme power 500w psu, hopefully that helps. My Isonic is around 3 years old.
  7. you mentioned your gpu is running hotter than normal, is it full of dust, and/or is the fan spinning?
  8. Fans are spinning perfectly. I cleaned it out 2 weeks ago and even put new thermal paste on as well. Cpu sometimes also heats up to aroun 55 degrees.
  9. have you tried running the system on just one set of ram, instead of two different pairs? if not try them one at a time and see if that helps at all
  10. three different brands actually sorry, try just one stick at a time
  11. Sorry, I meant to say that I did. I ran my pc for just short of a month withdraws only 1x 2gb kingston in and it did the same. I tried for a week with just the corsair and that didnt work. I havent tried with the samsung ones, but they just crappy ram, so I didnt bother. Im currently running my pc without a dvd writer to test the power, I also took one of the 3 hdds out.
  12. Sorry, forgot to say that ive got th e corsair ajd the kingston in now since it didnt work seperately anyway...
  13. You've used some pretty low-quality PSUs there. Among the cost-cutting features of such units is often the removal of filtering components on the input. This means that power disturbances (e.g. spikes and surges) may be passing right through it, affecting your other components. At the very least, get a decent surge protector. Make sure your ground is good.
    Finally, as old as some of your components are, go over the mobo closely, looking for swollen, leaking, and/or cracked capacitors. Google "bad capacitors" for images of them.
  14. Okay, Ill check it out today and let you know what I find.

    P.S Ive used descent surge protectors on the last 2 pcs I har, well since I lost a good pc to surge anyway.

    Thanks for the help
  15. This is almost always a power or overheat problem, not memory.

    I doubt it's the PSU since you've replaced it with something that is not particularly bad (the best I can say about a Cooler Master). It's possible the motherboard's VRM is failing due to capacitors, specifically any labelled KZG or KZJ.

    Overheating may be due to the heatsink-fan not making good contact with the CPU.
  16. With regards to the heatsink, I replaced my old with with a descent one already.

    Ill keep an eye out for the 2 capacitors that you mentioned.

    Im in SA, so getting some replacements wil be difficult. Ill have a look though.

    Ill keep you guys posted. Thanks for the help!!!!
  17. Okay...Ive found 3 capacitors thats damaged, one of them leaking.

    2 big ones and one smaller one, both looks the same, both brown. This is what I could get from them...

    brown -kzg x 2
    ( m)105 degrees celcius
    7( t)

    820 uf
    105 degrees celcius

    The second one is around half the size of the first one.

    Any suggestions on which ones to buy? Im gonna have to replace them myself and hope for the best as this is all Ive got cash for.
  18. Best answer
    Replacing capacitors on a motherboard requires a soldering iron, solder, and a good deal of care and patience. You might have better luck finding a used mobo for your CPU (if you can reload Windows).
    Any that are leaking or damaged will need to be replaced.
    I have ordered replacement capacitors from
    A good place to go for more information on "recapping" a motherboard is They may even have complete kits of all the capacitors needed for your specific motherboard.
  19. I checked these guys, but they're all overseas suppliers. The cost massively increases when I import, with import taxes alone being 46%.

    For now, Ill have alook in SA and try and replace them. Ive got everything to replace the capacitors, accept for the actual capacitors. Do you know which capacitors it is exacly? At least then I know what to look for. Also, at least its only 3 that I need to replace so it cant be the end of the world either.
  20. Look at the electrical values of the capacitors that are blown or leaking. Capacitance is usually expressed in microfarads, and you'll need the same voltage. A site like can help you identify the manufacturer, and that company's site (or one like can help you decipher the codes on them.
  21. Okay, awesome. I found this to be the one I need to get 820uf 6.3V Panasonic FJ

    Ill post back here if I got this working again.

    Thank you very much for the help!!!
  22. Match the voltage and capacitance; feel free to substitute a superior, Japanese capacitor (e.g. Panasonic) for a crappy Chinese one (e.g. Fuhjyyu).
  23. K, I found a website thatll do in SA. Ive tried seeing on the popped capacitors any detals, but the 2 bigger and worst once I cant see enough.
  24. Okay, I found the following capacitor for the smalle one in my mobo. On the capacitor in the mobo, it says 820uf 6.3V 105 degrees, would this work as replacement?
    Electrolytic Radial Capacitor Low ESR 1000 MFD 10V 105D
  25. Do they not have 820MFD? (MFD=uF). A capacitor that size is probably a filter in a power circuit, so a larger value may work, but if you can get the exact value, that would be your best choice.
  26. Okay, I've found all the details now. I need the following 2 capacitors

    820uf 6.3v 105 degrees(close to the back of the motherboard/case) x
    1000uf 16v 105 degrees(closer to the cpu) x2

    I've found these 2 as replacements

    Electrolytical 1000uf 6.3V 105degrees
    Electrolytical 1500mfd 16V 105 degrees

    This looks okay? They do not have exact value of 1000uf 16 v
  27. If you cannot find 820uf, then the 1000uf ones may work here. If you can, I'd replace all of the identical ones on your mobo, even ones that don't appear bad (yet).
    Can you find some 16V 1000uf ones? Do not use any rated for a lower voltage than the original.
    As power filters, larger values will probably work, but you may wish to post on the forums for answers from people with more experience, perhaps with that specific board.
  28. Okay, shouldn't it just be better to skip buying a graphics card for now and just replace the mobo and cpu? The problem here again though, is that I wanna play games and I don't think that upgrading the mobo and CPU will give me the boost that I require?

    I can get the following for around R1000 more than just getting the graphics card

    MSI AMD 970A-G46 AM3+ Motherboard
    AMD - FX-6100 3.3GHZ Hexa Core 14MB Cache
  29. Your Computer is not getting enough power, get more psu.Look for the 80 Plus gold meaning they are effecient.I recommend Corsair.
  30. Insufficient power is not part of this problem. a HD4350 uses an insignificant amount of power, maybe 15W? Besides, we have already identified the problem is blown capacitors.
    I would not buy a MSI mobo, especially for AMD. That one in particular is known for problems:
    What games do you want to play, and what resolution? With money being tight, your best short-term solution may be an AMD APU, but long term, getting an Intel CPU with a discrete card is the much better choice. Even a Pentium G860 with a HD7750 can play any game with "decent" settings.
  31. Hmmm, okay. I've always prefered having AMD above Intel, my 6000+ have lasted me 4 years now and never, up to now, have I EVER had any problems. Just recently that these problems started.

    I can play pretty much everything I want, it's just that the games are getting REALLY slow now. I bought myself L.A Noire and that's really bad. Also, I bought Black Ops and that's just as bad.

    So I suppose that it's going to be cheaper to just buy the graphics card for now, when I do have more cash I can upgrade the mobo and the cpu and the ram?
  32. Okay, this is quite awesome!!

    I took the old capacitors out yesterday and installed the new ones.. Now my mobo is only running at around 25 degrees!! That's just awesome!!

    I'm doing some stress tests to see if the random shut downs persists and I'll update here.

    I'm waiting for the new PSU anyway and then it's onto the graphics card.

    Once again, thanks for the help. The capacitors seems to be the main problem here.
  33. Okay, so here's the outcome...

    There's generally a big issue with the AMD 6000+ cpu's. There's a bit of a over heating problem.

    Replacing the caps on the mobo didn't solve the problem completely as the computer started shutting down again.

    So, what I did was run the cpu down a little(from 3.1GHZ to 2.9GHZ), and now the computer runs at a stable 58 degress at full load. Not bad at all...

    Problem fixed.

    Thanks to everyone for the help!!!
  34. After a few months, this motherboard ended up doing the exact same thing. So if you were to follow this route, the best would be to understand that this is a very temporary fix.
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