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Which i7?

Alright so i was looking around at CPU's and i got stuck at what i should do.

My options are - i7 920 and SLI 460s - As well as future upgrades to the hex-core 980 and also a third 460 because the motherboard im buying specifically supports 3-way SLI.

OR wait for Ivy Bridge i7 or even just buy the i7 2600k and probably buy a 560 ti or 570. I do realize the LGA 1366 is the first intel i7 Gen. but it appeals to me i guess. And ive read reviews around and bench marks and i have seen a bench mark where a 980 does significantly better then the 2600k.. plus i think 3 way 460 and the upgrade to 960 in the future will let me have a great build for years to go.
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  1. Wait until Ivy Bridge. Why buy an outdated system? (Granted, outdated doesn't mean it no longer will perform great, but still).

    What purpose will this machine serve? Gaming, video processing, internet browsing?
  2. mainly video/photo editing and then somewhere more then average but less then extreme gaming.
  3. What is your budget then? Right off I'm going to say wait for Ivy Bridge and get the 3770K and overclock that sucker.
  4. 1250-1500$ but that does sound good, i was just wondering if there would be really a big significance if i would go with the first gen w. 3 way sli over 560 ti or even 560 ti SLI w/ sandy but the only thing that worries me is pci 3.0 GPUs are gonna be priced pretty high :??:
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    The new GPUs should, hopefully, cost abouts the same as what they are now. Keep your fingers crossed ;)

    I am not sure if CUDA cores can be utilized for editing in SLI form, or if it limits to just a single card. Hmmmm.

    Anyway, I say wait to Ivy Bridge, by then the newer nVidia cards should be out, or close to coming out. Prices will drop on the current generation, and maybe the 460 again (if they don't stop selling them first).

    You could always just go three way with Ivy Bridge and three 460s. Older cards don't have to stay on older platforms =P
  6. true thanks for the help:)
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  8. Not a problem. Hope the advice helps.
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