Review required on my new Configuration


My requirement is to run all new latest games of 2011 in Full HD 1920x1080 in ultra settings.
Please make little adjustment on the below configuration and let me know the best configuration. You can ask me to reduce some of the hardware if it is unnecessary.

CPU Intel i7 2600k
Board ASUS Sabertooth P67
Graphics ASUS HD6950 2 GB (EAH6950 )
RAM Corsair Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600MHz x 2
Monitor Samsung 23" LED - LS23A350HS
SMPS Corsair 600W
CPU Fan Cooler Master CPU Fan - Hyper 212 Plus
HDD Seagate 2 TB
Tower Corsair HAF 912
Keyboard + Mouse Logitech® Wireless MK320

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Just because of past experience of people being nice and giving out better/cheaper specs doesn't mean they are going to...

    Wait Corsair has a HAF? I thought that was CoolerMaster only?
  2. Well, that was a typo error.

    Any suggestion on the actual question?
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  4. Alright first off

    CPU: i5 2500k (better for gaming)
    Mobo: Go with a ASRock Z68
    GPU: no comment
    RAM: up it to 8GB (one on newegg for around $45)
    HDD: no comment check amazon for best prices
    Case: Its a Cool Masters HAF 912
    PSU: If you are gonna OC kick it up to 750w also gives you room to go SLI in the future
    Cooler: Good one
  5. Given how cheap ram is right now, I'd go 8gbs, 4 will be enough to run your games, but if you want run some backround apps or tab out 8gb would put you better off.
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