Need advice on final build!

hey guys plz rate my build b4 bying

plz note that i will not at any point oc

3.3 ghz intel i5 non k version

intel dh67cl MOBO

4 gigs ddr3 RAM kingston

thermaltake VM300 case ( can it fit my card???

samsung 1TB HDD

normal cd/dvd writer LG

XFX 6950 hd 1GB

Enlight EN-TOP 630W PSU Dual Fan 2X 80CM

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  1. Ok first i need to know about what kind of budget or how much are you looking to pay.

    What kind of games are you planning on playing and are you looking to upgrade in the future.

    Those are the main 2 things i need to know but what i can tell you right now is that depending on what xfx 6950 you getting the max size they are is 10.2 inches and that case holds a 10.5 inch card from what i'm reading.
  2. 950$

    skyrim bf3 mw3 hitman ac4....
  3. I have never heard of Enlight PSUs and can't find a review of one from that company on any websites that I trust.

    It could be a good one or it could be a worthless one. I would stay away from it if it were me and go with a brand that I know well. Something made by Antec, Corsair, or Seasonic.

    Unless you are confident in the quality of their PSUs, that is.

    Just glancing at this Enlight Sniper 650 model specifications

    I can see that the 3.3v and 5v amps are listed at 25 and the 12v amps are listed at 16 amps which pretty much means the PSU is nothing but garbage.

    Fifteen years ago that would have powered the average PSU, but those numbers should be reversed for PCs operating in 2011. At least for the Enlight Sniper 650w, they never got with that program.

    That is 1 for 1 on the bad PSUs scale, so you are rolling the dice if you go with the Enlight EN-TOP 650w.

    I commonly use the example that you wouldn't put a Dodge Neon engine in a Dodge Viper you were planning on driving, so don't do it with your PC either. It would be sad if you blew up a $300 video card because you only paid 50 cents for the PSU.
  4. it basically this in our country im limited to these option( thermaltake lite powers,gigabyte,xfx, thermaltake bronze) which one do u recommend
  5. so which one to pick???
  6. any feedback??!!
  7. XFX is better than thermaltake and gigabyte.
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