Which Mobo Manufacturer for New Z77

I have spent hours on Newegg looking at reviews for a new Z77 mobo and need help.

Historically I have been an ASUS fan. In '07 I got a P5K premium which I had for 4 years.
In '09 I built a computer for a buddy with an ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo that hasn't had issues.

I decided to upgrade last May and first went to look at ASUS, but from the reviews the ASUS QC had seemed to go to complete crap and I got an ASRock P67 Extreme 4 which has been just as awesome as my venerable P5K.

Now looking at reviews, everyone is having issues. Whether it be ASUS, ASRock, or MSI.
When shopping I always pay attention to the negative reviews the most and for each manufacturer about 20% are 1 egg reviews that say the same stuff: DOA, multiple DOAs (one poor dude got 5 DOAs in a row of an ASRock Tom's Hardware Approved board I really liked), terrible customer service, 'I was an xxxx customer for years, never again!'.

As a side note a lot of people are having trouble with USB 3.

Have I gotten incredibly lucky so far or has mobo manufacturing in general gotten so bad it's a close your eyes and point choice?

Help Please!!
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  1. Well we can't forget there are people in this world who do false reviews for the intention of getting their money back. In addition, you can't forget those who accidentally break the board without knowing so and claim it to be defective. Either way it's true no matter the manufacturer there are bound to be some defective boards. Though its less common with Asus and high end ASRock boards. LASTLY, we can't forget people who just buy their items and never bother leaving a review (including me :P ) , with all those positive reviews people who don't bother leaving a rating makes the negative rating more higher than what it should be. Generally, people who usually leave a rating is if there is something wrong with it or they are really pleased with it. Take for example me, if I were to buy something and I were satisfied I wouldn't drop by the store and say great product, now if it were defective I'd complain...
  2. ^hardly any one that is satisfied leaves a review. they just dont need to

    i went with asus since it was cheaper when i bought my board but i would go for gigabyte if you are looking for your money's worth of hardware.

    all manufacturers have defective products. there will always be DOA boards (the z77 mpower from msi almost never will due to individual testing)
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