PC Crashes when I play heavy games

Hi I recently upgraded my system to so I could play the games that come out this fall this is the system I had:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Asus P5K-C
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.60 GHz
XFX VGA GeForce 8800GTS 320 MB
GeIL DDR2 Ultra Series Dual Channel PC6400, 800 MHz, 2x2GB

I upgraded it to:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Asus P5K-C
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66 GHz
Asus GeForce GTX 560 Ti DCII TOP 1024 MB

As for the RAM, I first purchased a DDR3 kit: Kingston HyperX Dual Channel 4 GB, PC3-10666, 1333 MHz, 7, Non-ECC, Kit Of 2. Which didn't work so I bought these instead: Corsair 4x2GB, DDR2, PC6400, CL5, Tw.X D. XMS.

Now I had some trouble updating my P5K-C BIOS from 0502 to 1203, the latest version. (P5K-C doesnt have BIOS updates for Win7 64x so I used the Vista 64x update) I had to do this for my CPU to work properly. First I updated it in the BIOS with a floppy, after I did that the PC rebooted but there was no screen..

I had to clear the CMOS battery and when I booted it after that it worked until I would shut the PC down. So then it the system basically worked I just had to clear the CMOS before each boot.

After that I tried many things, eventually I managed to downgrade my BIOS with Asus Update 16002, after which I updated it to the latest version and it works now.

Except when I play games like GTA IV with ICenhancemod, Battlefield 3, Rage, Dungeon Siege 3, Dead Island. With every game the PC reboots itself after 2 to 30 minutes and whaI dont knowt to do. I dont think its a heat issue, CPU temp is not over 65 degrees celcius when I check it in the BIOS. Can anyone please help??
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  1. GTX 560 is good, but why 'Core 2 Quad'??
    You could have gone for 2nd generation core processors.
    The processor might bottleneck your graphics performance.
    About the reboot, it might be heating issue. You said your PC restarts, and after that, you check it in bios. Actually the GPU needs only some seconds to few minutes to drop down its temperature.
    Check the temperature while playing the game. Install 'Core temp' and 'GPU Monitor'.
    When you start playing a game, play it for a minute or two, and then press Alt+Tab.
    Thats your temperature while on LOAD.
  2. Thanx I just installed them and was playing a good 15 min, all temperatures were below 60 degrees. As for your bottleneck theory: that could be the problem only this is one of the best CPU's for socket 775 at the moment and 2nd generation (i3, i5 & i7) CPU's are not available for socket 775..
  3. Yes, purchasing a new Mobo & CPU was my next step, I just wanted a quick update before I bought a completely new system. This is what I'm looking to buy:

    Antec Gamersgear 1200 V3
    MSI Big Bang Marshal or Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z
    Intel Core I7 2700K 3.50 Ghz
    Kingston HyperX Dual Channel 4 GB, PC3-10666, 1333 MHz
    Asus GeForce GTX 560 Ti DCII TOP 1024 MB

    Personally I like the MSI Mobo because its very upgradeable with all the PCI-e x16 slots, eventually I want 2 GPU's sound card and a Physx accelerator.

    Will this solve my gaming problems?
  4. That's a pretty hefty upgrade and you didn't mention anything about your PSU. Are you sure the one you have is up to the task? If the PSU is old it might not be able to sustain your new system.
  5. PSU is a Thermaltake Toughpower 750 Watt, 20+24 Pins so I think it would do. The Asus GTX560 needs 550W
  6. Im also looking at the Antec Gamersgear 1200 V3 and the MSI Big Bang Marshal, its an XL-ATX mobo but I cant find any PC-Case thats XL-ATX compatible. Does that mean if I buy a Big Tower ATX case that XL-ATX will also fit?
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