500W Power supply with an XFX 6790?

Afternoon chaps, I am planning on buying this graphics card:

For my ALREADY BUILT system with this power supply:

I know the GFX card requires 2 6 pin connectors, seeing as my power supply only includes one 6 pin connector, i was planning on solving that "issue" with a cable like this:

So, my question is, will these connections provide the power that the 6790 requires? my main concern is the wattage on the power supply, seeing as XFX recommends 500W or greater. I am pretty confident my power supply is reliable because i have had no problems in 4 weeks since i bought it, which within that time frame is when most PSU problems surface.

If it matters, this is the list of links of the products in my computer:
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  1. Not the best PSU in the world, but with a MOLEX to PCI-E (6-pin) adapter, you should be fine. I wouldn't recommend OCing this system given this PSU, however.

    Good luck!
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    It looks like the 6790 draws a max of ~ 10 amps. so even thought the CM 500W PSU is an average PSU, it *should* be OK and the cable adapter should work fine also.
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