What is so good about Sabertooth?

I am purchasing a z77 motherboard in a few days and I was wondering... What makes a Sabertooth so good that it can be worth $250 while there are other z77 motherboards with identical features at the $100~ mark (Some examples being a Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP, ASRock Z77 and a Asus P8Z77-M). And these are not unfamiliar brands by any means, Asus is the one that made Sabertooth anyway...

So yeah, simple question, why is a a z77 Sabertooth so expensive?
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  1. 5 year warranty, good capacitors and components and all around good quality.
  2. Extremely well placed cooling for chipsets, Sabertooth branding and very reliable component, but overpriced still in my opinion...
  3. there is nothing good about it. its a brown version of the v-pro with a heatshield that traps heat. its expensive because there is a 5 year warranty and sabertooth branding always makes it more expensive than the regular stack of boards

    id rather suggest getting a v-pro from asus or a gigabyte z77x-ud5h instead. much better priced boards
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