Dell XPS 8300 orginal PSU (460W) with HD6950

Can Dell XPS 8300 460W PSU can support HD6950? i have checked the suggested power supply of HD6950 is 550W, but one of the system graphic card options in Dell UK is contained a HD6950, is that means i can upgrade the graphic card without change the PSU?
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  1. I would not trust that psu to power the system with any sort of dedicated graphics card. Companies like dell use cheap psu's. Look for a quality unit from corsair,seasonic, antec etc...
  2. Echo zooted, DELL doesn't give you more PSU than you need for whatever parts your PC shipped with.

    If you got the HD6950 with the PC, they probably would have given you a bigger PSU than the 460w at the same time.

    If you want to upgrade specs you want to upgrade your PSU at the same time.
  3. No, I wouldn't even fit a HD 5770 with that PSU. Dell uses cheapo "I wanna burst" PSUs. You better get a good Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, XFX unit. 500W would do for a single HD 6950.
  4. Guys, thank you so much, i will change my PSU at the same time then.
  5. If you want to objectively, accurately and scientifically determine what PSU power is required for your Vid card and PC in both watts and 12v rail amps., the forum Utility link below will show you how easy it is to calculate this information and objectively determine which PSUs are quality built, reliable PSUs that can meet your needs. Be advised that the available 12v rail amps. is just as important as the total PSU wattage. You need both to be correct.
  6. Halloween is over, why haven't the boogey-men gone home ?
    Here in the US they have a GTX560Ti option with the same psu.
    Should be able to upgrade your card without running out and buying a new psu.
  7. Hello,

    I have a Dell XPS 8300 and I was also looking to upgrade the PSU eventually and maybe picking up a 6950 GPU. Would you recommend against upgrading the case?

    Thanks in advance!
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