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I posted on a thread (this one) a few days ago, and ever since then the right-hand column's "Thread" tab always lists that one as if there are unread messages there... only there aren't. It's rather annoying to have it mixed up with threads that truly do have new posts. So, is there any way I can "reset" the counter to get rid of the false notification?
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  1. Have you tried going to that thread and un checking the envelope icon?
  2. You mean the envelope or the flag? The mail notification of the thread is disabled, and the flag is set to the same as this thread (which works as expected).
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    I was getting hangs with the envelope, set the flag to the same and see if that works for you.
  4. I just ended up "unflagging" it... That worked.
  5. Hoorah! ;)
  6. If a spammer posted there and had their thread removed while banning, it causes anomalies like this sometimes. It also keeps the poster's username in the "Last post" column. I do what you did, I remove the flag and if I think the thread is worth tracking I re-enable the flag again.
  7. Except for me, re-favoriting the thread caused the problem to re-appear...
  8. See if it clears when you go to it now.
  9. randomizer said:
    See if it clears when you go to it now.

    Problem's gone! Your bump did the trick. Do you know what caused it (e.g., spam post removed, as mentioned earlier)?
  10. Nope, but I'm going to bet on a spam post being removed via the ban interface (the thread topic does seem like something that could attract a spammer). Simply "deleting" it will not cause this problem since it's actually not deleted, just hidden. Ban and delete makes it irrecoverable. Now that my post is the latest and you can actually view it the system doesn't have a problem.
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