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I tried upgrading my HP 520 laptop from Celeron M 440 to dual core T2450. The BIOS detects the new CPU but laptop won't boot and there's no display. Place the Celeron back and it boots fine. What's wrong?
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  1. Hello milmil;

    Did you do a BIOS update before you changed CPUs?
  2. And you did check to see that the dual core T2450 CPU was supported by your motherboard?
  3. I did a bios update from F.04 to F.07. I had no resource to check whether the T2450 was supported by my motherboard. But it was detected by the BIOS though.
  4. A resource is the HP forums to check and see what other HP 520 owners have done for CPU upgrades.
  5. hi
    if bios is detecting the cpu its good. before up upgrading did u verified the tdp original processor and replaced processor is same or not.
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