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Hey guys, I want to build a gaming rig and I am really confused what to buy, I am not able to decide whether I go with Intel or AMD. I currently have XFX GTX 275 896MB and just want to upgrade MOBO, processor and RAM as I don’t have too much bucks to spend on a new Graphics card so just want to upgrade the above three.
I game at 1920X1080 and have a budget of $300 for MOBO, processor and RAM, just need help to find out what brand and with what configuration I go for so as to be future proof without any bottle necks, I do multitasking and a lot of gaming, so please help me guys I am really confused and not able to think what to do, you are the only hope…!!!:(
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157281
    It comes to $310 but I think its worth it. At the moment there aren't any great Bulldozer CPUs but in the future AMD might bring some good shtuff to the market for AM3+. Imho its not worth going Intel unless you go to the 2500K, which is out of your budget.
  2. also you should probably have put this message in Systems - New Build
  3. 2500k definitely is not out of his budget! $214 @egg + 1155 mobo open box section @egg + some good deal AR for 8GB ~$35-$45 he should be somewhere there.
  4. The following is a little over your budget, but it will "future proof" you for a little while:

    Core i5-2500k = $214 + Free shipping

    MSI P67S-C43 (B3) LGA 1155 Intel P67 = $97 + 8 shipping - $30 mail-in rebate = $75

    Patriot G series ‘Sector 5’ Edition 8GB RAM = $49 + Free shipping - $15 mail-in rebate = $34

    Total cost after rebates = $323
  5. You should generally go for RAM powered by 1.5V though to go with Sandybridge so I'd still say Vengenance RAM with jaguarskx build. My bad for thinking 2500K would be way out of his budget though >.<
  6. ^^^

    Yeah, I didn't realize the RAM I selected needed 1.65v.
  7. Where are you from? If you have a Microcenter near you, it's possible to pick up a 2500K for $179.99 + tax.

    - Intel Core i5-2500K ($194.84)

    - Biostar TZ68A+ ($99.99)

    - G. SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB DDR3 1600 ($48.99)

    TOTAL: $343.82 after taxes & no rebates. However, Jaguar's combo would be more ideal since you it's cheaper after rebate, but without rebates, it'll run you a little more cash.
  8. Considering this fact AMD seems more future proof as Intel introduces new sockets more frequently and i am not sure if i go with a 1155 socket i may become outdated after 1 year, intel may introduce another socket with another set of processors in next 1 year that will not fit in my 1155, wat say...!!! I personally like the performance that 2500k offer but just that fact i am scared of is i don't want to be in a deadlock situation that i may need to change the whole system i.e a new MOBO, processor and RAM after next 3 years...so that makes me tend towards AMD...Again a lot of confusion, please suggest...!!!
  9. AMD's CPU socket futureproof is currently in doubt.

    Piledriver is AMD's next CPU, however it has not been confirmed yet if it will be compatible with socket AM3+. I think that will be AMD's final AM3+ socket CPU. AMD's focus will be shifted towards the APU design which uses socket FMx. Server CPUs will probably be the exception.

    Intel's current line of Sandy Bridge CPUs basically have about 20% more processing power than their AMD counterparts (Bulldozer / Phenom II). Ivy Bridge is Intel next and last series of CPUs for socket 1155. Current estimates are between 6% - 10% better performance than Sandy Bridge CPUs. I say 6% because the architecture is pretty mature and major architecture changes are relegated to Intel's next CPU; Haswell.

    So basically at this point in time Ivy Bridge is probably going to have about 26% more processing power than Bulldozer/Phenom II. Can Piledriver's performance catch up to Ivy Bridge? Possible, but extremely unlikely. So far there has not been any CPU design that boosted performance anywhere near 26% in just one generation... At least none that I know of.

    Even if Piledriver manages to equal Ivy Bridge in terms of performance both socket 1155 and AM3+ will be dead.
  10. IMO, the current SB processors running on 1155 socket has enough processing power to run on for the next 3+ years... If anything, you shouldn't worry about upgrading soon as you're only building a GAMING rig, and nothing like a workstation which in my opinion is something that should be upgrading every other year.
  11. Personally I'd invest in something that's current right now and not worry about if I'd be able to upgrade cpu down the road. Tech changes too much, to limit yourself only to cpu upgrades. You'd probably be better off saving $5 a week for the next 3 years and have serious money (=$780) for a next serious system upgrade, than just investing in cpu alone. I know from my own experience that's what I was thinking when I bought budget intel 775, I could in theory buy new cpu, but then I'd be left with DDR2, 1,5Gb sata, etc.
  12. So if I go with an i5 2500K with a decent H67/Z68 motherboard and 2x4GB 1600MHz of RAM 9-9-9-24 and of course my old GTX 275 896MB, will I be getting a 40+ FPS in most of the games or I should go with a GTX 560Ti or any other in that range, see if it’s not necessary as I am short of funds, but will buy one if its necessary to achieve that fram rate @1920X1080 with AA ON and VSYNC OFF.
  13. I would think that you should be able to get 40+ with the new set up. Heck using the Intel HD 3000 Graphics should give you 30 FPS in SC2 at normal settings. So the GTX 275 should be an improvement on that.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  14. You do not want a motherboard with the H67 chipset; it does not have any overclocking capabilities. You want the P67 chipset.

    Don't buy the GTX 560Ti just yet. Try out your GTX 275 with the i5-2500k first, then decide if you want to spend additional money on a graphics card upgrade. The GTX 560Ti should get you at least 40+ FPS in most games. The exceptions includes Aliens vs. Predator, Crisyis, and Metro 2033 as can be seen in the following review:

  15. What about Z68!!!... :) I mean whats the difference between P67 and Z68?
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