My CPU is FReezing

what is the problem of my CPU when i type in my keyboard and put USB it will be hang.. FREEZE.. virus or hardware??
please give me some helps and tips.. tnkxx
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  1. Hard to tell could be heat issue if you have not cleaned it for a while. If Virus do a scan!
  2. You need to be a little clearer, is the keyboard a USB keyboard? or does it freeze while typing on a normal PS/2 keyboard?
    Does it freeze when you plug in something into a USB port?
    Which USB port does this occur with and with what equipment that you plug in?
  3. Both UsB and Ps/2 Keyboard is freeze when i type..
    in all USB port..
  4. Grab another computer, burn a Linux live CD and see if the same happens. If it does, it's a hardware issue. If not it's a software/virus issue.
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