ASUS Maximus V Formula Installing Windows 8 HELP!


Just got a brand new ASUS Maximus V Formula MoBo on the way and thinking of trying Windows 8 as I will be rebuilding my PC rig.

I heard it may need a BIOS update for Windows 8?

Can someone explain how I need to do this, before I run into problems?

What happens if you install Windows 8 as it is?

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  1. Give me one GOOD reason why you would install windows 8!
  2. vfd
  3. Doesn't really answer my question...

    I heard updating BIOS is dangerous so I need to know if I should update or can it just be installed as is?
    I looked up in Google but there is nothing I could find that explains this to me...

    'Give me one GOOD reason why you would install windows 8!'
    I don't know...why did people install XP, Vista or Windows 7 when it came out?

    Vista got poor reviews but when my XP OS kept crashing every time I when on to Vista and found it much better and didn't want to go back to XP ever again and that bs about being unstable or incompatible? I didn't experience any of that...Windows 7 kicked ass though, yes.

    I have a laptop with Windows 7 so I wouldn't mind trying Windows 8 is probably my simples don't try you don't know.
  4. Ignore the 'vfd' I am having problems login in...very frustrating. :fou:
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