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Hi everyone!

I need help with building my desktop. The softwares that I'll be using are

Visual Studio 2010
Adobe Photoshop, After-effects, Illustrator and Dreamweaver

and some games like

Virtua Tennis 4
NFS: Hot Pursuit
And some online games which as far as I know isn't that much demanding when it comes to video card.

My budget is around $720 but I already have a psu in mind which is Antec True Power New 750watts ($107 at my country) because next year I'll upgrade it to become a decent gaming rig. I'll OC everything but SLI/Crossfire isn't exactly on my mind since I'm not that sensitive when it comes to graphics, as long as its playable and look good I can live with it :)

I could stretch it a bit and preferably Intel-rig but I'm also open to switch to AMD.
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  1. Sounds like you only need a very basic graphics card, that saves money on the PSU and possibly the case too. Might be able to free up some cash to get an i7.

    I would aim for something like this, it should be possible if you can use and old HDD and OS:

    8GB G.Skill RipjawsX
    ASRock Z68 PRO3 GEN3
    XFX HD 6770 1GB
    Fractal Design Core 1000
    Samsung DVD Burner

    That comes to $650 on Newegg before shipping and a $20 rebate. If you can afford it you could try to fit a SSD in there too, I'm sure that would speed things along. Something like the Intel 310 Series 40/80GB or Crucial M4 64GB is good.

    EDIT: Haha forgot the PSU, I'm too hung over -_-

    I'd grab something like the Antec Earthwatts 380W at $45
  2. Forgot to mention that I have a Toshiba external usb DVD Drive. I believe I can use it to do OS install as long as I make it to boot first, right?

    I like the motherboard, does newegg allow shipments to asia? specifically the philippines.
  3. I don't think they do.

    Also, yeah you shouldn't have any problems installing your OS that way.
  4. ASRock Z68 PRO3 GEN3 isn't available here but how about this

    MB: Asus P8Z68M-Pro
    CPU: i5-2500K
    RAM: 4GB G.Skill RipJaws 1600 DDR3
    PSU: Seasonic X760, 80+ Gold
    Case: Cougar Solution
    HDD: Hitachi Deskstar 500GB

    VGA: I'll pass on this one for now. As far as I know Virtua Tenni4, StarCraft 2 and MMORPG are playable with Intel HD3000 but not sure with Adobe software. I'm thinking between Sapphire HD 6950 2GB and Palit GTX 570.

    And Cooler Master 212+ when I start to do a mild OC.
  5. I think either of those GPU's would be massively overkill, the HD 6770 is fine for those games and it means you won't have to play on integrated graphics for a while.

    The PSU is also overkill, it's a nice PSU but expensive. Also 760W is way more than you need.

    The motherboard also looks a bit overkill, I'd get a cheaper Z68 board.

    I would save money here and spend it where it will benefit you. Perhaps you would consider the i7 overkill but it would speed things along. 8GB RAM though is a no brainer, RAM is cheap and most of those programs are RAM hungry.
  6. The motherboard do have more feature that I'll need but its the only Z68 motherboard that I could find here that has 4 memory slots. Ram is actually not a problem as I'll be adding another 2 or 3 sticks of 4GB.

    And how much watts will I ever need if I do a major OC on the CPU and GPU?

    Yup, I'm considering the i7-2600K but that'll really stretch my budget so it'll take time but I'm willing though.

    Christmas is coming so I need to save on it first :)
  7. you should get 16GB RAM for the type of work you do if you got the funds
  8. You don't need 4 slots, just get 2x4GB imo.

    On my build I'd get 450W+ for major overclocks.

    The money you could save on a cheaper PSU, motherboard and GPU will be more than enough for this. I think it will be worth it too to be honest.

    Which site are you using for pricing? Also, do you need to factor a hard drive in the cost?
  9. A local store here in the Philippines here the link

    Just divide the price by 43 to convert it to USD. I'm thinking a 500GB internal and external hdd's. Portability is a must for me.

    EDIT: The external hdd is another story so I didn't add that one on my list :)
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