Best single slot graphics card for my pc

Hello,can somebody help me to choose whats the best gpu should i buy with a budget of 100 dollars,i just bought a pc from best
this is my pc please help me.thanks
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  1. Something like this would be the best you could get for it.
  2. The PSU can't handle a 6670.
  3. Yeah, 220 watts isn't enough to power the vast majority of graphics cards. You could probably only get away with the lowest end options like the Radeon HD 4350, 5450 or 6450. If you are looking at gaming, those cards I listed will not be fast enough to offer a decent experience, some modern titles may even have trouble running with those cards. You're going to have to look at a power supply upgrade before you can even think about getting a decent graphics card.
  4. id say go with this one.

    or this nvidia one

    if the psu can handle then try this

    ive ran a g210 on an old 250W best tec psu. and it ran like a champ. then i switched the card to a new computer cuz i was selling it.
  5. A 6570 is much much better than the intergrated graphics and offers playable FPS on medium settings.I know this because I used to own a 5570 and despite it's size it packs a powerful punch.

    Finding a PSU is going to be difficult because of the size of your case and possibly out of your budget.The 6570 is plenty for a average gamer.
  6. i worked with those slim line hps once, the psu died and fried e'rthang. i did some researched and found that an ITX power supply fits.

    i used this apevia psu to replace the dead one on the HP

    but here is a 350w with a pci 6 pin. im sure it should work.
  7. this one might fit its slightly bigger l-5, w-4, and h-2.5 its 380w and 29.99
    Diablotek PHD380M 380-Watt MATX Power Supply
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