Dead video card in motherboard

What happens when you put a dead video card into your computer? Will the computer still boot? Or will it hang indefinitely?

I'm asking this because part of my computer fatally died just yesterday, and there is no video signal at all coming from the video card. When I removed the video card, the motherboard beeps several times to indicate that the card is missing, and then after hanging for a while and some random keystrokes (I hit F1, Del, and some others) it boots into Windows (I can tell because the Windows startup sound is played through the speakers). With the video card plugged in, the computer does not boot into Windows (there is no startup sound), and the motherboard does not beep at all. So does this mean that the video card is dead? Or could it be that the PCIe socket has issues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. its likely a dead vid card, but i have seen pretty much any faulty component cause no display, can be faulty ram, motherboard, psu, vid card, various other pci cards like modems/sound cards. Since it does boot through with the vid card removed, it is probably just that. If your in to PC building it pays to have a cheap low end card to keep around to test things like this, nothing special, just enough to get a display. I always keep old bits and pieces from old PC's in a box for testing and emergency failures.
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