PC boots but no power to keyboard.

My PC boots but no type of keyboard will get power/signal. I have tried both USB and standard (i forget what it is called) keyboards. My computer doesn't have an O/S, i am trying to install win XP, 7, or Linux ubuntu. Please help!!!
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  1. What are your spec's. The other connector besides usb is ps/2. It sounds like the motherboard is turning on without usb support. Then usually the cd for the OS install will load temp drivers to do the install and those usually include usb drivers and ps/2 support for both mouse and keuboard. Is your mouse getting power/signal?
  2. I've tried both ubuntu linux, win xp, and win 7 disks. both psp and USB mice don't get power. Same with USB keyboards. However, psp keyboards flash once when I boot, then no signal or power. I think that its a bad mobo.
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