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Hello, I was looking into a new gaming pc. I don't need anything insane. Would be nice to be able to handle the likes of BF3, Arma2 etc.

I have found bundled kits on Newegg. My range is $700 and below.
Here is the bundle that has caught my attention

Now, if you search $500-$700 under the kits you will see that there are MANY options. But for some reason this one stuck out and I like the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz. Now, what all else would I need if I was to purchase this bundle. I won't need a monitor ( I don't believe witch brings me to this question ) I have a 32 inch 720p that I plan to use as my monitor since ill be upgrading that on black friday. But, will I NEED to setup the pc with a normal monitor first? Or, can I just plug it in and use Alt+F11 to switch to the tv. I already see that I need a dvd/cd drive, with ill probably just get a mobile one that just uses the USB port.

Oh, and another question, do any of those items come with all cables required? Or, do I need to buy all required cables seperately? If so, anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction for each one I need? Thanks in advance!
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  1. The HD 6850 has an HDMI port to connect directly to your HDTV allowing you to use your speakers on the TV if you wish, via an HDMI cable which you will have to buy. (The HD 6850 has on-board sound)

    Or you can use the DVI port on the HD 6850 with an HDMI to DVI adaptor/cable to connect to the TV and use external speakers connected to the computer's sound port. (Better sound)

    Windows 7 should recognize the HDTV at bootup and load a generic driver to use untill you install the latest AMD driver. That driver then should auto select the correct resolution for the 720p HDTV (1,280×720 I believe). At that resolution, you will be able to run any game at max settings with the HD 6850.

    I have no idea what Alt+F11 does in Win7.

    I like this Asus DVD/CD Burner and usually put one in each of my builds.
    Don't get a portable optical drive for your computer's main optical drive. You need a built-in unit. SATA optical drives are simple plug and play connections; just like the HDD.

    Normally, a motherboard comes with SATA cables and an IDE cable (which you won't need). But the bundle you are getting doesn't say that it has those items. So I would be prepared to purchase a SATA cable for both drives just in case. The power supply, however, will have the necessary cables for power.
  2. Yeah I have an HDMI cable that I use for my 360. I was just making sure I wouldnt require a Monitor in order to configure the system for the tv.

    I mentioned the Alt+F11 because ( if I remember correctly ) I have to use the two buttons in order to switch this laptop's video output to the tv.

    Thanks for the DVD/CD Drive help!

    So, I would just need to purchase 2 SATA cables ( one for the HDD and one for the DVD/CD Drive ) correct? Other than that I should be basicly ready for installing everything I need?

    Sorry for all the questions, I just don't want to order all the stuff then have to wait even longer to fire it up due to needing more hardware/cables. I built my old gaming rig years ago with a Dual-Core 3.4Ghz and a 9800 Pro. Technology seems to be flying by so fast, that since I stepped out of the computer scene years ago that everything seems more complicated than what it used to be. Or, i'm just making it more complicated than it needs to be. Either way, THANKS for all the help. I think I'm already hooked to this site!
  3. I know how you feel. Just when you've brushed up on the previous technology, you find it's all changed. It doesn't really get any more complex, just newer.
    As far as extras... All I can go on is what I see in the pic and the limited discription given. But it looks to me that the 2 SATA cables are all you'll need to purchase extra, if you have the necessary cable for video and audio. It sounds like you will be using the TV speakers, yes?
    My phenom II X4 980's stock HSF gave me fits trying to get it latched on the socket frame. I finally bought this aftermarket cooler in its place. Hope you have better luck. But if you need one...
    Of course then, you will need this too...
  4. Yes, i'll be using the TV for sound aswell. However, id like to upgrade to Surround Sound when I get myself a man cave when we get our new place. But, yes for now i'll just be using the TV. I'll be able to order it within the next 2 weeks, but one more question that I can think of... Overall is it a good deal? Like I said I have a few weeks to decide ( could be patient enough to wait untill a little after thanksgiving ) so does anyone foresee price drops anytime soon? Or, possibly black Friday deals? Thanks again.
  5. Good deal? I think so. That's a budget gamer that can handle any game today on your 720p HDTV at max settings and w/all the eye candy. I had an HD 6850 in my 2nd machine (i3-2100) at 1680x1050, and it never stuttered at max settings in any game. I even used it on my 32" 1080p HDTV for awhile with no issues. I just had to back of on AA a little.
    Those parts would cost a bit more if you were to purchase them separately. With the addition of that optical drive I mentioned, you're still around $600. Can't put together a budget gamer worth a darn for much less than that.

    The only weak spot I see is the no-name PSU. But I see it's got all the necessary icons on the label to denote a safe unit. And I see the name HEC on it as well. I've used their products before including a PSU, and had no issues. Besides that, Newegg is pretty good about not selling 'junk'.
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