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i bought a new computer recently and so far half the time it hasnt worked, it played well for a week then bam i lose video signal, the BIOS load is fine but when i hit desktop video signal disapears. i uninstalled reinstall old and new video drivers neither worked, i tried clean install, same outcome, i checked the fan is running, i made sure cable is connected properly, done virus scanning found none. the weird thing is, i brought the computer back to the store and they tested it for a week and had no problem, i take it back, it works for about 5 days and BAM same problem occurs.

my computer specs are Windows 7 64 bit, 8 gigs of ram, 1tb hard drive, geforce GTX 460 768mb graphics card 600watt power supply

Ive asked websites about this problem over a week ago none replied back, no one is helping me out here. Is there anyone out there that can help me? PLEASE!
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  1. Is your display driver 64-bit?

    Try removing all traces of Graphics Card and restarting.
    Install latest drivers of Nvidia Site making sure that it is 64 bit.
  2. What PSU ? 600W should be more than enough but still, would like to now the brand, also mobo.
    After you reboot a couple of times it works then i think, or is it still in a coma?
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