Hello, my notebook can't be shut downed if i used it with AC. but if i use it with battery, it can be shut downed like normal. anyone know why..? im using ASUS N43S.. help me please... :(
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  1. Not sure.

    While I can't directly help there, I can tell you that my dad had strange glitches (very slow hard drive, etc) that I couldn't fix.

    He updated to Windows 8 for $40 (digital download) and his laptop runs great now.

    If interested, PRINT THIS:

    Here's what we did:
    1. go to the Microsoft store (not sure where you are) and find the $40 upgrade to Windows 8 Pro link (*You MUST get the correct version. If your current Windows XP/Vista/7 is 32-bit you must get 32-bit. Same for 64-bit.

    2. Burn the ISO image to DVD (if possible) and label it Windows 8 Pro upgrade

    3. COPY any important data and settings (can only transfer programs if Windows 7)

    4. Install Windows 8 Pro upgrade and follow the instructions (don't keep any settings)

    5. Apply any Microsoft updates.

    6. Find the Device Manager (google if need be) and look for any issues (Exclamation Points). You may be missing a driver. If so, Google the name. For example, I found a weird name and google it. It was my Ricoh Media device. I then did this:
    a) went to support site for laptop
    b) download and installed the Vista 32-bit driver for the Ricoh Media device. It worked!

    7. Get the START8 software to get your Start Menu back.

    8. Begin installing your other software.

    9. Make an IMAGE if possible of your C-drive to a USB drive (can Google that).
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