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I was enjoying the Buyers Guide with various standard configurations (like High-End Inel Gaming PC). I was following the comments but I can't find the article. has it been recalled? Also rahter than aiming for price points in guide ($2000, $1000, etc) I would like 1920x1200 gaming machine (something based on usage - gamin, office, etc. and resolution).

Thanks for the great articles.

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  1. You mean like the Recommended Builds by Usage sticky or the Guide to Choosing Parts sticky in the the Homebuilt Section?
  2. Those are fine forum threads and I have read / enjoyed them. However on January 21 Tom's posted the following;,9482.html

    I cannot find it today navigating from the home page. Is the article still active? I can still pull up the page from my Foxfire history but I don't see a link in the Build Your Own section as I should. I liked the article also because the writer was from Tom's and had a interesting config for the high end intel game system that calls for the i5-750 and Crossfire 5870's. I am interested in this buthave doubts about CPU and GPU.

  3. It's still there. Your link leads right to it...
  4. Yes the link goes there and I have been able to post a message to comments so the article is active. I was just surprised you cannot find it looking at Build Your Own section. Thanks for helping.
  5. It is in the Build Your Own section, but the News one, not the Articles one ;)

    You can find it up near the top of the parent Build Your Own category too:,156.html
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