Is my motherboard still relevant?

Hey all, I have an m4a785td-v evo mobo in my computer, it is obviously a little old. Im wondering if its worth it to upgrade right now, I have about a $250 budget, and im getting a $150 liquid cooling kit, I would also like to upgrade my case to this] to make more room for wc. So Im wondering if should I get the mobo or the case. I have an NZXT m59 which will work for water cooling to a certain degree (external mounted rad) so should i skip the case for now and get a mobo or is my mobo still good enough to use for now? Also what mobos would you guys suggest for an upgrade now or down the road (preferably something that can handle a fair amount of ocing as that is what im trying to build my sytem for)? Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks!
my other system specs are

Phenom II 965 BE
8 gb gskill ripjaws
His iceq hd7870
ocz fatal1ty 750w
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  1. I would ditch the liquid cooling kit on your limited budget; the return on investment is too small. I would save at least $150 more and switch to Intel for a real upgrade.
  2. +1
    That's a big percentage of your budget for a small return. I still have an 'old' X58 system, and still does me very well. With a USB3/SATA6 addin card I've got all things I need covered.

    If needed, what about upgrading your gfx card?, CPU, adding an SSD.....just a few of the things I've done, keeping me up to date for gameplay, etc.

    Until things show a very significant improvement (new motherboard tech) you may find upgrading components is all you need to do at the moment.
  3. Well my current setup can run far cry 3 on ultra with 2x msaa at 45-60 fps(have to have vsync on my 60hz 40") and seeing as i just got my cpu and 7870, I think ill keep those for awhile. Ill be upgrading to intel next year when/if microcenter has their amazing mobo/cpu black friday deal.

    The reason im upgrading to wc is that my 212 evo makes an ungodly amount of noise, I just want a quiter pc and the rasa 240 im looking at will perform much better than the 212 anyway without the noise and i can upgrade to add more rads, loops,new pump etc., its a stepping stone purchase.

    I appreciate the suggestions but im gonna stick with WC just for the noise ill get an ssd in a month or two when i start getting checks from my new job(i was between seasonal). I decided to sell my dad my comp and put my phenom II 925 hd5830 and old psu in it for him (150 bucks lol half christmas present) and just start with my cpu, gpu and psu and build my sytem with the c70 and gigabyte 990fxa-ud3. 250 was just my christmas money with the 150 from my dad plus my new job stating soon ill be able to spend a bit more but like i said ill be upgrading more next year as its not needed right now, I can play all games i have maxed or almost maxed with no lag. Thanks for the suggestions though, but ill stick with the water cooling just for the limited noise.
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