Computer freezes with new VGA

Everytime I install my new HD5770, my computer freezed at the windows loading screen. I heard that sometimes there is compatibility issues between computer's integrated chips and new graphics cards so I think this might be the problem. Does anyone know what I should do? I think I need to disable my integrated chip before installing my new vgu but I'm not sure...

This happened at the worst time too. I just bought a new PC case, and for the first time ever dealing with computer hardware, transfered my entire pc into a new case. Then after like 3 hours of disassembling/reassembling my computer the damn thing kept freezing! It took me an hour to realize it was just the new vga.

But ya my computer works fine when I take out the graphics card so I know I didn't mess anything up. Any help?

Here's my system, but now I have a 530w psu and a vga I that won't work... and my case is the rosewill

here's a similar thread to what I think is happening:

Thank You!
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  1. you probably got a faulty vid card.
  2. yes, you need to disable onboard graphics in the bios and enable PEG as the first Initial display.

    If it freezes during windows loading then its most likely a driver issue.
    Run in safemode, remove previous video drivers, then reboot and download/install the new cards drivers.
  3. I'm pretty new to computer hardware, so I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong, but I don't think that's it. Before the screen freezes, the resolution is way different than it normally is. I think I heard that was a normal part of installing a new card. After reading that thread I linked to I think I have to disable my integrated graphics chip before I install my graphics card. I'm just not totally sure how to do that though.
  4. thanks tomskent I'll try that.
  5. Okay so I'll turn off my computer, install the graphics card, go into bios when it loads, and disable on board graphics, and enable peg as the 1st intial display.

    Then if it freezes, restart it into safe mode, and remove my old video drivers. I can do that part from control panel right?
  6. Well, that didn't work..

    It wouldn't allow me to highlight onboard graphic displays, however it was already disabled.

    There was no option for PEG, but there was one for PCIE. I would have chosen that but whenever the video card is in it doesn't allow me to highlight that option.

    I'm considering disabling the integrated graphics chip right now, before trying this all over. My only concern is if I disable it and the graphics card doesn't work, will my screen always be black? How would I fix it?
  7. if you take the card out the motherboard will detect this and revert to onboard. If for some reason it doesnt, there is a jumper on the motherboard that will clear all BIOS settings back to factory default.
  8. Thank you.

    I tried disabling it and still no luck. I saw a video on youtube where he said to install the drivers only after the chip is disabled and when the card is installed. Would it matter if I have the drivers installed before I install the hardware?

    I'm considering trying this but since it always freezes with the vga when i boot up normally I could only do this in safe mode. BUT if i install the drivers in safe mode it won't use them will it? Doesn't safe mode only use the necessary drivers?
  9. Well I've tried absolutely everything I can think of, so either this problem is beyond me or there's a hardware problem. I'm going to return this graphics card and try a nvidia one I think.
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