What is a SATA3_A0 Slot For?

I have an ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard. I am trying to plug in my SATA cables, and I noticed that I have a SATA port described as "SATA3_A0". What is this use for? Is that for some sort of RAID config?

I also have another SATA port described as SATA3_0, which I assume is for my primary drive.
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    The SATA3_A0/A1 use the ASMedia ASM1061 chipset and they don't support RAID.

    The SATA3_0/1 use the intel chipset and they do support RAID.

    For HDD yo can use either of them, but for SSD you connect to the SATA3_0 for the better performance.
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