How do I tell how big a video card is?

I would like to get this to finally have a video card that isn't integrated. But I can't find the dimensions of it to see if it would even fit my case.

From the PCI express 2.0 slot to the power supply there is around 1.5-2 inch of space in between.
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  1. Well after looking at the web page of the link you provided I cae accross the box size and the box size that the card comes in is 12" long ,6" wide and 2" deep. since the card is a 2 slot card it should be just under 2" thick and the card has to be just under 12" lomg and less than 6" wide. So the spot you want to put the card has to have 2 slots worth of space anyway.
  2. That is one of the reasons I went with a HAF X. I was sick and tired of cramming video cards up against cables, hard drives and rubbing each other in the slots.

    Fortunately strong video cards are getting ever slightly smaller now with the passing of years.
  3. look for online reviews of the specific card to find exact dimensions or contact the manufacture.

    Id recommend measuring the space you need first so you can easily figure out what will work for you.
  4. should be around 7-8 inches long. Maybe even shorter... but these medium end cards tend to not be long. Most middle range gaming cards usually is 8-10 inches these days unlike the GT2XX and HD4xxx which came in 9-12 inches or more most of the time.
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