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I am new user here. As you seem to be very helpful in the post, I had few questions here. I have 3 servers and want them to use as web servers.

From the networking point of view I am thinking to do the following:
1. Bought a brand new Cisco300-20 switch which I will connect to the modem (ACLs supported s/w). Do I need router for NATing or Modem will do the trick?
2. Get static IP from the ISP. But should I get 1 IP for all the 3 server & do NATing or get 3 IPs for 3 servers?
4. I need only port 80 open on those Server to allow http access. How will I configure that, is it on the Modem, Router or Server?
5. Register for a Domain name.
4. What should be my internet speed, its mostly downloading documents online for user.
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  1. 1) You'll probably need a firewall / router of some sort. It does look like the 300 has some ACL filtering and routing features, but I couldn't tell if it would allow you to use NAT. I'd probably consider getting a firewall to put in front of them to do the filtering and routing. I'd probably look at a Cisco ASA 5505 or NetScreen...

    2) This part is really up to you. Remember that if you go the nat route you can only do something like the following:

    . NAT
    Outside / Inside

    These all work: -> -> ->

    This won't work: -> ->

    Your limited by your external ports that the traffic is going to be destined to. So you won't be able to repeat port 80 multiple times for the other hosts. Now if you redirect or send it over to another port, for a different server, then that will work. However then you run into some possible issues with people behind firewalls who can't reach all the servers since they only allow port 80. Ideally 3 static IP's nat'd to 3 private IP's is probably your best bet.

    3) Think you jumped numbers... no question #3 :-)

    4) You'll need to open that port up on whatever device is doing the routing. I'd suggest a firewall in routing mode to handle it. If you modem will do the routing / fire walling then you don't need to buy one and could configure it there.

    5) Pick whoever you want really. You'll need to either farm the DNS side out to a 3rd party (usually your name register company will offer this) or host it yourself on one or more of the servers with static IP's.

    4) (again? ;-) ) This one is up to you... I'd base it off of price / number of users / size of documents. I'd just try to pick something you can upgrade later if you need to.
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