New computer build. CPU or APU?

I need to make a proposal + quotes to my church for a media computer build. This computer's function will be to run the video that goes up on the screen for lyrics + versus (we use a software program called Media Shout). Also, we will use it to play videos on screen, and play sound into the sound board / speakers. They will also want to do minor video editing, and at some point later record and edit sound. So as far as video is concerned, it must have at least 2 video out (one to a monitor, and a second video feed to the screen for the congregation to read off). No big deal I've built more than a few desktops. Not in a while though. And I see AMD has this new APU that integrates CPU + GPU.

My main question: What should I go with? AMD Athlon II x4 and a separate video card? Or the new APU integration? The build price is identical.

A case and PSU (450W) have been donated. Hard drives we have. Will get 8GB DDR3 ram for both computers(later upgrade to 16 gb). The only differing factors are the board+CPU+GPU factors.

AM3 socket build:

FM1 Socket build:

Other thoughts: One thing I noticed is that all the full ATX boards for the FM1 socket only have a north bridge on the board and not a north bridge + south bridge combo. I believe their is an integration of north bridge function on the APU itself, but I could be wrong here. If that's the case, does the north bridge on the board work like a south bridge at that point?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate any opinions and advice.
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  1. I prefer going with the AM3 build. Primarily due to the fact that it is possible to upgrade the CPU in the future should you need more performance for video editing. It should be compatible with Piledriver (end of the year) and most likely it's successor (steamroller??) that will probably be out towards the end of 2013 or beginning 2014.

    Socket FM1 is basically dead. There is no upgrade path beyond the A8-3870k. Trinity is it's successor, but it will be socket FM2.
  2. We are a small church with a corresponding small budget. This is meant to be a computer we won't be upgrading any time soon (read: years, or never). So, upgrade-ability isn't really a factor par-sey. I did think about that though. It seemed odd being stuck with a CPU GPU combo on a single chip :/ I just read about FM2 on wikipedia. It seems AMD will cease support for AM3 / + socket in 2013. So AM3 is also going to be a dead socket. The advantage with AM3 I see is that it was in production longer. As far as performance goes do you see one being better that the other?

    Edit> I believe the AM3 build would be better as it would a video card with it's own dedicated memory, not being shared with the computer. And I found a better video card
  3. Am3.
  4. The AM3 build was what I stuck with. I'm curious of other peoples inputs though. And why would you choose one over the other.
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